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Customer Review

Based on 145 reviews

It took me to email the company for them to ship my item. I was unhappy with this type of customer service.

Be careful . This bike may not be what you expect.

1) Good folder . Can get it to fit in my car very nicely .
Can store it many places .

2) Good range .
The 16ah battery was able to provide 30+ miles of range .
It probably could provide 40 miles , but I have not needed to
go beyond 32 miles round trip so far . However , it is dead now .
More on that later .

3) Low profile .
Got this bike mainly for my wife who is under 5 feet tall .
The dimensions are perfect for her .


1) - Lock mechanism to lock the frame in unfolded position does not work properly -
The only thing that keeps the frame locked in unfolded position is the backup , sliding
function of the lock . The lever that presses the collar part keeps popping open
no matter how I adjust it . THIS LOOKS LIKE A BIG SAFETY ISSUE .

2) - Seatpost does not stay in place well -
After tightening the collar for the seatpost as much as I could ,
the seat still swivels a bit and seems to sink slightly after a long
drive . { I only weigh 150 lbs )

3) - no mechanism to keep the bike locked into folded position after it is folded -
Many companies don't have the foresight or don't care about providing
a way to lock the bike into the folded position . Sohamo is one of them .
It's so frustrating to move a 50+ plus pound bike up and down and try maneuver
it without it coming unfolded .

4) - It cannot maintain 20mph in optimal conditions -
The best I could do was 18+ mph . Once there is too much wind resistance
or if road starts sloping upward , ever a little , then speeds range from
17 mph down to 12 mph .
Sohamo , and other brands , should state realistic expectations of speed .
This bike should be described as being able to hold 17mph in good conditions
and *possibly* attain 20mph only going downhill .

5) - Very short suspension travel -
The smallest bumps and dips force the suspension to bottom out with a CLANG .
Seems like the travel is only 10mm . Well , it's better than nothing I guess .

6) - Battery stopped working -
Don't know why , but after only a few months , the battery does
not provide power anymore . (Might try to follow up with Sohamo , but
I got a different battery instead and rigged it up to the bike with a new
controller and motor . I now can hold 22mph on flat and 21mph going
slightly uphill .)

6) - Gear ratio is way too low -
If you ever run out of battery (OR IF THE BATTERY STOPS WORKING) , then if you
have to pedal the bike , then the best you can do is about 8 - 9 mph .
In practical terms , 5 mph is more realistic . You have to pedal very fast to hit 9 mph .
Needless to say , ghost pedalling starts almost immediately and there's no hope
to provide any pedal power at decent speeds .
It needs something like a 52t - 58t chainring to actually be useful .

7) - Chain pops off easily over big bumps and dips -
Since I need to upgrade the chainring , I will get one that has a decent
double gaurd .

8) - Rear seat/rack is not practical -
With a bike this low to the ground , there is no practical way to
seat someone on the rear rack . If the seat cushion is removed to provide
a more useful rack for cargo , then it is often too low for paniers to work .
(At least mine didn't work well) . They should have ditched the cushion and
built the rack to be taller to possibly allow for decent cargo use .

9) - Kickstand too long , not adjustable -
Had to cut 10mm off the end to make it practical .
In stock form , the bike is just barely balanced and can tip over very easily .
I probably need to cut off 5mm - 10mm more .

I imagine most other tiny folding bikes aren't much better , but I haven't tried
those . I guess if one wants the functionality of a tiny folder , then be prepared
receive a low quality , unreliable toy and upgrade it with the components necessary
to turn it into a practical , useful commuting vehicle .

Inner tube
Elias M.
Took a minute

It took a minute to get here but in perfect condition when received. Took me less than 15 mins to replace said inner tube.

Phone Holder

Great bike

Good. Runs great and does even more than expected.
Not so good. No manual for operation of the bike.
Result. I'd buy it again.

Luis M.

My bike is bike to life again lol

Bike I Like

I absolutely love this ebike! I was pretty hesitant at first because the bike looked small, and I'm quite tall. But just three days after I ordered it, my bike arrived, and it's an absolute joy to ride.

Initially, I was a bit lazy and left it sitting in my apartment for almost a week. But then I decided to tackle the assembly. Thanks to the seller’s video and manual, I managed to put it together and felt pretty proud of my DIY skills (haha).

Before buying, I did a lot of research on different e-bike brands. As a first-time e-bike buyer, I didn't want to spend a fortune on a brand I wasn't familiar with. However, this bike is definitely worth every penny. I’d recommend it to anyone.

It rides fast, and the horn, lights, and suspension are all fantastic. Overall, I’m really happy with my purchase.

Recommend bike

Ive been looking for an ebike for a while now and this is the best price bike for the 15ah 48v, took it out for a spin and its good top speed, easy to ride, quiet and pedal assist works great. Still need to see how the battery last but so far first impression is good👍 would recommend

Great Budget Ebike

This ebike is a great budget ebike. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this one.

More than I expected

You get a lot of bike for the money spent on this folding ebike. The build quality is decent and it is fun to ride. I have a much larger ebike that I ride, but I find myself jumping on the Sohamo more often than not. I love the step through design and it's light weight (compared to my other, much larger ebike.)

Hard to put together

I absolutely LOVE this bike.... After it was out together. It gets me about 35 miles (absolutely no peddling) before the battery needs a recharge. But putting it together was a pain. It took my two brothers, myself, and my boyfriend to get figure it out and we're all in our 20s. If they had better instructions on how to put it together I wouldn't have much to complain about. I absolutely love riding it, although I wish the way to make to go was the whole handle bar instead of just a little trigger for your thumb.

Hard to beat it

Great bike for the price. Get the 20 amp hr battery cause you'll drain the 15 having fun


It’s been about 3 weeks can’t get a lock smith seems almost impossible to get a key it’s a great bike but be carful with your keys cause it will be a while.

Dear Customer,

We're truly sorry to hear about your situation. Losing your key can indeed be quite inconvenient.
To address this issue, you can simply repurchase the battery cover for replacement. This will allow you to conveniently resume using your key without any safety concerns.
If you need any assistance or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team. We're here to provide you with full support and assistance to ensure your satisfaction and convenience.
Thank you once again for your understanding and support.

Best regards,

Fantastic E-bike

So far I’ve put 125 miles and I love this bike. Everything is as advertised, awesome torque especially for uphills, fast, looks great and great range. Folding makes easy trunk storage and the build quality is very good, all without breaking the bank. Lack of rear suspension can make bumps a little rough but I added a shock absorber seat, makes all the difference. This is a fantastic E-bike

Allison C.
Just what we were looking for!

We got two of these and did a side by side assembly. In hindsight, we wished we’d done one at a time as when we made a mistake, we had to correct it twice! But with the help of the video, we managed to get these together and have ridden them only a couple of times, but enough to know that we’re going to love them!

Great E-Bike

Great E-Bike. Seems Solid. Easy to assemble. East to fold and unfold. Comes with all the tools needed to assemble.

Good bike

Ordered this bike and it performs pretty well, hit some max speed of 26 MPH, but when going downhill, it goes 28, really good bike, good torque and helpful for me and my transportation situation

The Bicycle is amazing, with good power

The bicycle is amazing, all the details are gorgeous, and it has a good power strong when you are accelerating, the wheels are so good, the light beam is so good at night, and it covers good distances, They did a good job creating this amazing item.

Going to run it hard and see

Great looking bike. Clean frame . What little assy there was fairly easy. You can get it to 28 but 25 is about average with just the throttle control which is plenty fast enough. Overall so far it is a Great bike for the price .

I love it

Nice bike, the price is the best, I highly recommend it to buy electric bike from SOHAMO

SOHAMO M3 Fat Tire Electric Bike

Joy ride!

Shame S3 bike

I love my ebike! It’s the perfect size. It handles quite well. Built with quality and sturdy. So easy to ride. My daughter wants one of them and so does my husband.

Thank you for your wonderful feedback! We're thrilled to hear that you're loving your ebike. It's fantastic to know that it's the perfect fit for you and that you find it easy to ride. We take pride in crafting quality and sturdy bikes, and it's delightful to hear that it's met your expectations. We'd be delighted to welcome your daughter and husband into the ebike community as well! Let us know if you have any questions or need assistance in choosing the right model for them.


I really like the bike. Very easy and comfortable ride. Perfect size , Fits right into small garage space,in my camper van.

Urban life

The A2 is agile and nimble will get you thru the streets of nyc I loving riding up the hills of Central Park traffic is a breeze