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SOHAMO A1 Folding E-Bike

Worth every dollar

Great bike honestly had a tiny e bike before buying this one and can't be more happy that I finally upgraded

Nancy L.
Best EBikes

Love the bikes. So glad tools were included


E-Bike is running good condition.

Still the Best and Cheapest E-bike available!!

Bought a 2nd one so I could have 2 batteries and replacement parts in case something happens after the warranty expires. I have put on 1,000 miles so far and still recommend to everyone who asks and love it!

As for the review underneath me:
1. You don't have to stop the bike to adjust levels, just stop pedaling while rolling and get to the assist you want. (up/dwn would be nice though and more levels. It jumps from 15mph lvl3 to 23mph lvl 4)
2. Should take no more than 2 hours to assemble. It isn't that hard, just youtube is the best one.
3. Yes when you go uphill the battery level goes down and then back up. A bigger bar or maybe a voltage meter would nice but test different levels and figure out your range// a new display will not help your issue, that's what all bikes do: Pedal assist 3 (15mph) for me gets at least 45miles. at 3 bars it goes down to 14mph then 13mph etc
4. You're going to have to do some minor adjustments to stop that squeak on the front pads. (also you tube or bring it to bike shop) I got mine to go away. keep the pads though you may need them later as they will wear out.

It have so very minor things but for $899 it is the best and cheapest with all the other options.

Calipers and the brake pads

The brake pads have worn done quickly. So I ride at full throttle for a minimum 15 to 20 everyday and pedal it 5 to 7 minutes because the hills on the way to work and back home.

All smiles here!

Thanks again!
(Photos attached)

Exceeded my Expectations

I bought the M3 because I needed a monster bike to get me to & from my new job - which is 10 miles each way. I live in the Midwest on the Mississippi River, so winter is 6 months long. This bike is a BEAST! Totally solid, reliable as can be. It was worth every penny and the Sohamo M3 is a Bargain! Totally a life-changing purchase for me, as I have neither driven nor had a bike in 15 years (seriously).
Assembly was too complicated for me, so I called a puzzle master for help & she figured it out in 2 hours. Assembly is definitely not my skill.
If you're looking for a bada$$ bike with bang for your buck, get the M3 and upgrade it to the 20ah. I could not be more satisfied as a customer!


We are very satisfied with the bike, but I do wish there were a manual instead of a QR code on the side of the box to scan. It makes reading the directions difficult when read off of a phone. I think that instructions that I can touch would have helped as far as figuring out the front axle.
But overall, very satisfied.

Hello, Erica,
Firstly, great to hear that you're satisfied with our bike.
Secondly, thanks for the suggestion.
Because our company promotes paperlessness for the sake of environmental protection, we do not provide paper manuals, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you!

Best wishes!

Brake disc
nicholas W.

Brake disc

Really like the bike easy to assemble and the riding on it is smooth.



Cargo Package
David S.
Electric Bike

Instruction manual and everything went well. Still happy with the bike having trouble getting registered on the website. Wish that would be easier.

Cool ride

A little lengthly to put together, but seems to be sturdy.relatively easy to use

Folding bike

Awesome bike , very strong motor , easy to assemble, very well built bicycle with excellent components, excellent price , great value,, delivered free and it arrived immediately, took 3 days from when I ordered the bike , this is a strong very well built electric bicycle,

Deborah W.

They were wonderful thanks so much.

Good bike for the price

I bought this bike as a college student looking to get around campus, it folds nicely and fits in the trunk of my car(Toyota carola) although you wouldn’t be able to fit anything else. It’s a bit too big to fit comfortably in the dorm so I park it outside and carry the battery inside to charge. Putting it together wasn’t very easy and I didn’t have things tightened down all the way, I was riding at around 20 when the front wheel came off and I tumbled pretty badly and now the front brake rotor is warped, but after a better job tightening everything down it works really well, the features are nice, and for the price it’s at I’m happy with the bike. It is pretty heavy tho and also the throttle only seems to be an off and on there is no variability it’s either going or not which makes it hard to ride slowly if around lots of pedestrians, also the breaks are super squeaky.

First of all, thank you for praising our products; Our goal is to keep you as one of our valued customer and we hope to serve you better.
Sorry for the inconvenience we caused, regarding to the problem you mentioned:
1.throttle: the lower the throttle, the more power you get;
2.brake: Check if the brake pads are excessively worn or dirty. If so, clean or replace the brake pads; Check if the brake piston rebounds in place. Check if the rotor bent or deformation. we've sent you the solution to solve this, pls kindly do a check.
Thanks for your support.

Woot Woot

Took a little bit to put together, no biggie and it comes with a nice little toolkit. Kind of heavy but that's to be expected.
Most everything is very solid in construction and seems of good quality. The whole fold down feature is quite interesting in practice, even the peddles fold up. Should fit easily into most trunks, unless you own a sports car like me. =0p
Bright lights, both front and back and it's nice that the back brightens when braking (future builds would be nice to have signal lights, js).
Peddle assist takes a little to get use to. If this is your first eBike get to know all the settings, as they have a big impact on how the eBike operates. (online manual with QR code on shipping box)
It's very responsive but the center of gravity is a bit lower than the average bike due to the tire size, you'll need to make allowances for turning under speed.
This thing takes off like a shot! Very fun and a great assist for someone like me with a disability. Fantastic range and the speed is terrific for getting around in an urban setting. The front suspension is a little tough to dial in, but works well once you find your comfort zone. Fairly nice enough seat.
You can adjust the seat and handle bar height very easily but I found the stroke of the peddles smaller than what I am use to, hadn't measured the arm length but I could tell it was quite shorter than my 26" mountain bike.
All in all a great eBike for the price (and I did my shopping around) The motor is very strong, it has a bit of a hum when at top speed, but nothing too distracting. Handles pretty good on trails and the like. The only issue there is the throttle, it's either on or off, there isn't any in-between. Not like a rheostat. The power is there, or its not.
I'm very pleased with its performance. All in all, I'd rate it Five Stars.

Best and Cheapest E-bike available!!

After 2 months of research on all the e-bikes, the S3 has everything you want and need. Folding feature for easy portability and storage. Free shipping and no taxes!! 25mph throttle will get you 25miles (go slower and get more range using peddle assist). 750w motor is powerful. 20ah Batt has impressive range. 3inch tires are perfect, not bulky 4inchers. Step-thru model is easy for mount/dismounting. Folding seat to get the battery out easily (comfortable, no need to replace). Taillight and Brake light! Front light is impressive. Front shocks do a great job. Mechanical brakes are fine and easier to fix than hydro's if the ever break. Compact display has what you need to know. Back rack is great. Plastic fenders don't rattle like other metal ones.

only cons:
~a spare 20ah battery is listed at $590 at this time. That is way Way too much. I may as well buy another bike for spare parts :( Also I don't see a charger coming with it or even one to buy in their store.
~screw holes for a water bottle holder on the neck would be nice.
~Battery rattles, but just put a cloth where it sits on the frame.
~Battery charge time from empty takes almost 11hours for me.

Everything came out great out of the box except for the kickstand. It tilting the other side of the bike. I try reaching out your support line but they haven’t responded to me yet. Hope to hear from you guys soon

The big E

I haven’t had a chance to ride the e-bike much yet. It’s very fun. I’m taking it slow to get comfortable with it. Thanks Sohamo Love the bike

Great Electric Bike

We purchased this electric bike for my Grandson to have transportation to and from work. It has been a great purchase. Amazing company to deal with and amazing customer service.

Fun little commuter bike

I got this bike to help with my commute. I have to pay through the nose for parking permits at work and surrounding neighborhoods. This will pay for itself in 3 months. Great customer service.

Not too old !

At 73 I purchased a step-thru S3 bike to exercise for my 2 bad knees. I do good on level and slight uphill grade, when my knees start to hurt or going uphill, I just hit the pedal assist and away I go. After riding just 1 day, I purchased a S3 for my wife also. It works good on our gravel road and plan to use camping. Great bike!

Awesome ebike in many ways

It's compact, holds the road well, easy to manage. If you live in a busy city, this is the perfect alternative to a vehicle. Not to great on hills but if you peddle assist, it'll get you to the top. Worth every penny.