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SOHAMO A2 Folding E-Bike


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Sohamo A2: Affordable, Foldable eBike. 400W motor, 48V 12Ah/16Ah battery, up to 40 miles per charge, 20mph. Adjustable seat, full suspension, dual disc brakes, tubeless tires. Convenient, comfortable, reliable.

Battery Capacity



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Sohamo's A2 Mini Lightweight Foldable Electric Bike stands out as the most user-friendly model. Its miniature appearance and foldable design enhance maneuverability, making it lighter, more convenient, and compact, earning it favor among numerous customers for daily commuting. Choose between the 48V 13Ah and 16Ah options, and enjoy an adjustable seat for added riding comfort. With dual disc brakes and full suspension, it's an ideal choice for those seeking straightforward transportation solutions, enabling you to ride effortlessly wherever and whenever.

What's in the box

A2 E-Bike *1
Charger *1
Pedals *2
Battery Keys *1
E-Bike Keys *1
Assembly Tool *1


What is the top speed of A2?

The max speed is 20mph

What is the folded size?

The folded size of A2 is 29.2"x24.4"x3.5".

What's the range of A2 per charge?

A2 12Ah verison can reach 20 miles in pure electric mode and 30 miles in PAS mode on a single charge. A2 16Ah verison can reach 27 miles in pure electric mode and 40 miles in PAS mode. Due to the riders' weight and road conditions, the ranges may vary.

Does my height fit the A2?

The recommended rider's height for A2 is 5'-6'1". The minimum seat height is about 25'' and the maximum seat height is 39''.

How long can it be assembled?

Our customers generally need 5 to 10 minutes to assemble the A2. All you need to do is unroll the handlebar and install the pedals.

1-Year Warranty

All SOHAMO ebikes and e-scooters are covered under our supplier's 1-year all-encompassing service warranty.

Leisure commuting with ease






Full Charge


Max Speed


Disc Brakes


Hub Motor










Change your commute

  • 400W 55Nm Motor
  • 48V 13/16Ah Battery
  • Up to 20mph
  • Full Fenders

The A2's motor and battery can take you farther and conquer steeper hills to help make your commute easier, and the full-wrap fenders can avoid the bad feelings that come with small puddles.

Foldable Mini Ebike

Not constrained by space

  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Full suspension design
  • 48V LED headlight

Height-adjustable handle and seat can be used for all adults under 6'1" in height. Full shock absorption design can make your ride more comfortable. LED headlight can help you ride safely at night.

The best folding design

Fold Size 27"×24"

Literally, this ebike can solve the dilemma that it is difficult to bring ebikes into elevators and subways. You can easily put it anywhere.

Best Feature Design

more options are always better

Comfortable Saddle with the suspension design.

Large Saddle

Seat Suspension

A2 14" x 2.1" Tubeless tires

Anti-skid design

Run Flat Tyre

Brake Disc

Brake Disc

The sensitive brake system with the front and rear 160mm disc rotors can provide sufficient braking force even in the harshest conditions.

Rear Suspension

Rear Suspension

The full suspension design improves riding comfort and reduces bumps.



The 48V bright headlights will keep all cars away from you in the dark and keep you safe.

Full fender

Full fender

Fully wrapped fenders will help you avoid splashing mud and water on your car and body.



The wide saddle can give you a more comfortable riding experience.



The A2's handle has a 62cm length, making it easier to hold. You can also easily add a phone holder and rear view mirror to your handlebar.

Range Up to


Real Riders


Full Charge


  • Battery

    48V 13/16Ah Lithium-ion battery

  • Range

    25-40 miles

  • Hub Motor

    400W brushless geared motor

  • Tires

    14" x 2.1" tubeless tire

  • Charger

    2 AMP charger

  • Charging Time

    5-7 hours

  • Total Payload Capacity

    220 lbs

  • Recommended Rider Heights

    5' ~ 6'1"

  • Controller

    48V 15A

  • Pedal Assist

    0-3 level

  • E-bike Class

    Class 2

  • Speed

    20 Mph

  • Throttle

    Twist throttle

  • Package weight

    72 lbs

  • E-Bike Weight

    52 lbs

  • Battery weight

    8/10 lbs

  • KD or Not

    98% pre-assembled

Your Satisfaction, Our Priority

1-Year Warranty

All ebikes are covered by a 1-year warranty

Free Shipping

All order free Shipping

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14 Days Return

If the products you receive have serious quality problems, we will replace them

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Be careful . This bike may not be what you expect.

1) Good folder . Can get it to fit in my car very nicely .
Can store it many places .

2) Good range .
The 16ah battery was able to provide 30+ miles of range .
It probably could provide 40 miles , but I have not needed to
go beyond 32 miles round trip so far . However , it is dead now .
More on that later .

3) Low profile .
Got this bike mainly for my wife who is under 5 feet tall .
The dimensions are perfect for her .


1) - Lock mechanism to lock the frame in unfolded position does not work properly -
The only thing that keeps the frame locked in unfolded position is the backup , sliding
function of the lock . The lever that presses the collar part keeps popping open
no matter how I adjust it . THIS LOOKS LIKE A BIG SAFETY ISSUE .

2) - Seatpost does not stay in place well -
After tightening the collar for the seatpost as much as I could ,
the seat still swivels a bit and seems to sink slightly after a long
drive . { I only weigh 150 lbs )

3) - no mechanism to keep the bike locked into folded position after it is folded -
Many companies don't have the foresight or don't care about providing
a way to lock the bike into the folded position . Sohamo is one of them .
It's so frustrating to move a 50+ plus pound bike up and down and try maneuver
it without it coming unfolded .

4) - It cannot maintain 20mph in optimal conditions -
The best I could do was 18+ mph . Once there is too much wind resistance
or if road starts sloping upward , ever a little , then speeds range from
17 mph down to 12 mph .
Sohamo , and other brands , should state realistic expectations of speed .
This bike should be described as being able to hold 17mph in good conditions
and *possibly* attain 20mph only going downhill .

5) - Very short suspension travel -
The smallest bumps and dips force the suspension to bottom out with a CLANG .
Seems like the travel is only 10mm . Well , it's better than nothing I guess .

6) - Battery stopped working -
Don't know why , but after only a few months , the battery does
not provide power anymore . (Might try to follow up with Sohamo , but
I got a different battery instead and rigged it up to the bike with a new
controller and motor . I now can hold 22mph on flat and 21mph going
slightly uphill .)

6) - Gear ratio is way too low -
If you ever run out of battery (OR IF THE BATTERY STOPS WORKING) , then if you
have to pedal the bike , then the best you can do is about 8 - 9 mph .
In practical terms , 5 mph is more realistic . You have to pedal very fast to hit 9 mph .
Needless to say , ghost pedalling starts almost immediately and there's no hope
to provide any pedal power at decent speeds .
It needs something like a 52t - 58t chainring to actually be useful .

7) - Chain pops off easily over big bumps and dips -
Since I need to upgrade the chainring , I will get one that has a decent
double gaurd .

8) - Rear seat/rack is not practical -
With a bike this low to the ground , there is no practical way to
seat someone on the rear rack . If the seat cushion is removed to provide
a more useful rack for cargo , then it is often too low for paniers to work .
(At least mine didn't work well) . They should have ditched the cushion and
built the rack to be taller to possibly allow for decent cargo use .

9) - Kickstand too long , not adjustable -
Had to cut 10mm off the end to make it practical .
In stock form , the bike is just barely balanced and can tip over very easily .
I probably need to cut off 5mm - 10mm more .

I imagine most other tiny folding bikes aren't much better , but I haven't tried
those . I guess if one wants the functionality of a tiny folder , then be prepared
receive a low quality , unreliable toy and upgrade it with the components necessary
to turn it into a practical , useful commuting vehicle .

Thank you for your comment.
We are deeply honored by your affirmation, and your satisfaction is also our greatest pursuit. Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions. We will continue to work hard to improve and bring higher quality and better service to our customers.
Thank you again for your support and trust!

Juan P.A.
The Bicycle is amazing, with good power

The bicycle is amazing, all the details are gorgeous, and it has a good power strong when you are accelerating, the wheels are so good, the light beam is so good at night, and it covers good distances, They did a good job creating this amazing item.

Tirso M.
A great gift and a great bike

The first thing is the duration of the battery, it last for a very long time. One thing I can say it has shockers but they can do better so it doesn’t make a sound every time you hit something. Overall we love it.

Joleous G.

Everything came out great out of the box except for the kickstand. It tilting the other side of the bike. I try reaching out your support line but they haven’t responded to me yet. Hope to hear from you guys soon

San H.

SOHAMO A2 Folding E-Bike