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Brake Pad x 2 Pairs


Electric Bike Replacement Brake Pads Set

Ensure your ride's safety and comfort with this Electric Bike Replacement Brake Pads Set. The set includes 2 pairs of high-quality brake pads, designed for both front and rear wheels, with 2 pads for each wheel, providing comprehensive braking protection.

Function: Effectively generates friction to ensure stable and reliable braking power in various conditions, guaranteeing your riding safety.
Compatibility: Suitable for Sohamo electric bike models.
Durable Material: Made from wear-resistant materials to extend the lifespan and reduce the frequency of replacements.
Easy Installation: Quick and easy replacement, ensuring your electric bike's braking performance is quickly restored.
Regular Maintenance: Regularly check the brake pads to ensure optimal braking performance and riding safety.

Choose this Replacement Brake Pads Set to keep your electric bike performing at its best and ensure your safety on the road.


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