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SOHAMO S3 Step-thru Folding E-Bike


Shipping: within 2 Business Days

Battery Capacity

What's in the box

S3 E-Bike *1
Charger *1
Pedals *2
Battery Keys *1
E-Bike Keys *1
Assembly Tool *1


What is the top speed of S3?

The max speed is 28mph

What is the folded size?

The folded size of H3 is 37"×29"×18".

What's the range of S3 per charge?

S3 15Ah verison can reach 25 miles in pure electric mode and 40 miles in PAS mode on a single charge. S3 20Ah verison can reach 35 miles in pure electric mode and 60 miles in PAS mode. Due to the riders' weight and road conditions, the ranges may vary.

Does my height fit the H3?

The recommended rider's height for S3 is 5'1''-6'5". The minimum seat height is about 32'' and the maximum seat height is 42''.

How long can it be assembled?

Our customers generally need 30 to 40 minutes to assemble the H3.

1-Year Warranty

All SOHAMO ebikes and e-scooters are covered under our supplier's 1-year all-encompassing service warranty.


48V 15/20Ah




2.0 Amp


Fat Tire 20"×3.0"


60+ Miles




48V LED Headlight

The super bright headlight can light up your way at night, plus the taillights will come on while the headlights are on. This feature makes riding at night safer, allowing vehicles to see you.

Mechanical Disc Brakes

The sensitive brake system with the front and rear 160mm disc rotors can provide sufficient braking force even in the harsh conditions.

20"X3.0" Fat Tires

Fat tires provide upgraded grip and superior shock absorption ability. The tires are made of high-quality materials that are resistant towards punctures from sharp materials.

Shimano 7 Speed Derailleur

The Shimano 7 speed gear shift system offers you more choice while riding in a variety of conditions. Along with the pedal-assist system, you can find any speed that suits your journey.

Thumb shifter and Handlebar

We have made a non-slip design for the handlebar, which can improve the rider's control of the vehicle.

LCD Display

This display can provide you with a lot of information about your vehicle to improve your riding experience, such as battery level, boost gear, speed, single mileage, total mileage, headlight indication, etc.

Rear Rack and Brake Light

The sturdy aluminum rear rack can hold up to 110lbs, plus we left four screw holes for the rear rack so you can install the basket and upgrade your ebike easily.

Comfortable Saddle

Our saddle is made of very elastic material, and you will feel the shock absorption experience it brings to you during the ride.

Front Suspension Fork

The aluminum alloy front suspension fork has 80mm of travel. It has a good damping effect to reduce the feeling of bumps when riding on rough roads.


The aluminum disc and crank are very strong and durable.

Full fenders

The full fenders are super durable and protect you from water and mud.


The kickstand is made of aluminum alloy, which is rust resistant, strong and durable.

  • Battery

    48V 15/20Ah Lithium-ion battery

  • Range

    45-60 miles

  • Hub Motor

    750W brushless geared motor

  • Tires

    20" x 3.0" fat tires

  • Charger

    2 AMP charger

  • Charging Time

    6-8 hours

  • Total Payload Capacity

    300 lbs

  • Recommended Rider Heights

    5'3" ~ 6'5"

  • Controller

    48V 22A

  • Pedal Assist

    0-5 level

  • Display

    LCD Display

  • E-bike Class

    Class 3

  • Speed

    28 Mph

  • Throttle

    Thumb throttle

  • Package weight

    79 lbs

  • E-Bike Weight

    69 lbs

  • Battery weight

    8/10 lbs

  • KD or Not

    85% pre-assembled

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Harry M.
sohamo s3

Shipped in a timely fashion and arrived in great condition. Easy to assemble and only short test as its winter in central NY . Looks great and will be eager to test run in good weather.

Eric M.
Still the Best and Cheapest E-bike available!!

Bought a 2nd one so I could have 2 batteries and replacement parts in case something happens after the warranty expires. I have put on 1,000 miles so far and still recommend to everyone who asks and love it!

As for the review underneath me:
1. You don't have to stop the bike to adjust levels, just stop pedaling while rolling and get to the assist you want. (up/dwn would be nice though and more levels. It jumps from 15mph lvl3 to 23mph lvl 4)
2. Should take no more than 2 hours to assemble. It isn't that hard, just youtube is the best one.
3. Yes when you go uphill the battery level goes down and then back up. A bigger bar or maybe a voltage meter would nice but test different levels and figure out your range// a new display will not help your issue, that's what all bikes do: Pedal assist 3 (15mph) for me gets at least 45miles. at 3 bars it goes down to 14mph then 13mph etc
4. You're going to have to do some minor adjustments to stop that squeak on the front pads. (also you tube or bring it to bike shop) I got mine to go away. keep the pads though you may need them later as they will wear out.

It have so very minor things but for $899 it is the best and cheapest with all the other options.

Folding bike

Awesome bike , very strong motor , easy to assemble, very well built bicycle with excellent components, excellent price , great value,, delivered free and it arrived immediately, took 3 days from when I ordered the bike , this is a strong very well built electric bicycle,

Eric M.
Best and Cheapest E-bike available!!

After 2 months of research on all the e-bikes, the S3 has everything you want and need. Folding feature for easy portability and storage. Free shipping and no taxes!! 25mph throttle will get you 25miles (go slower and get more range using peddle assist). 750w motor is powerful. 20ah Batt has impressive range. 3inch tires are perfect, not bulky 4inchers. Step-thru model is easy for mount/dismounting. Folding seat to get the battery out easily (comfortable, no need to replace). Taillight and Brake light! Front light is impressive. Front shocks do a great job. Mechanical brakes are fine and easier to fix than hydro's if the ever break. Compact display has what you need to know. Back rack is great. Plastic fenders don't rattle like other metal ones.

only cons:
~a spare 20ah battery is listed at $590 at this time. That is way Way too much. I may as well buy another bike for spare parts :( Also I don't see a charger coming with it or even one to buy in their store.
~screw holes for a water bottle holder on the neck would be nice.
~Battery rattles, but just put a cloth where it sits on the frame.
~Battery charge time from empty takes almost 11hours for me.

Bob P.
Not too old !

At 73 I purchased a step-thru S3 bike to exercise for my 2 bad knees. I do good on level and slight uphill grade, when my knees start to hurt or going uphill, I just hit the pedal assist and away I go. After riding just 1 day, I purchased a S3 for my wife also. It works good on our gravel road and plan to use camping. Great bike!