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SOHAMO H3 + S3 Folding Ebikes


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Sohamo H3 and S3 Folding Electric Bike. Combining power, versatility, and convenience, this dynamic duo redefines the riding experience. The sohamo e bikes boasts a lightweight aluminum alloy frame with a collapsible design, 48V batteries, and anti-skidding fat tires for superior traction and speeds up to 28MPH. Meanwhile, the S3 stands out with its robust 750W motor, Shimano 7-speed transmission, and 3'' chunky tires, ensuring stability and agility across any terrain. From city streets to rugged trails, these foldable electric bikes offer seamless transitions and personalized comfort with adjustable features. Elevate your journey with unmatched performance and practicality.

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Nancy L.
Best EBikes

Love the bikes. So glad tools were included