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SOHAMO M3 + S3 Folding Ebikes


SOHAMO M3 fat tire ebike with H3 Folding commuting ebike 

  1. Better Value: Purchasing two bikes together is more cost-effective than buying them separately, giving you better value for your money.
  2. Diverse Riding Experiences: With different models suited for various scenarios like commuting, traveling, or park riding, you can enjoy a wide range of riding experiences.
  3. Ride Together: Ideal for two people to go out together, each with their own bike, making your rides more enjoyable and convenient.

Model Descriptions:

  • Sohamo M3 Fat Tire Electric Bike: Combining power, versatility, and convenience, this bike redefines the riding experience. It features a lightweight aluminum alloy frame with a collapsible design, 48V batteries, and anti-skidding fat tires for superior traction and speeds up to 28MPH.
  • Sohamo S3 Folding Ebike: This model stands out with its robust 750W motor, Shimano 7-speed transmission, and 3'' chunky tires, ensuring stability and agility across any terrain.

From city streets to rugged trails, these foldable electric bikes offer seamless transitions and personalized comfort with adjustable features. Elevate your journey with unmatched performance and practicality.

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