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Product FAQ

Are the fenders made out of metal?

The fenders are made out of ABS material.


What's the waterproof rating of your e-bikes?

The waterproof rating will vary from component to component, most of which are IP6.

Our e-bike can withstand light rain and small splashes, but it’s not designed to be subjected to inclement weather, extremely heavy showers, or submersion in water.

Light rain by itself won't be an issue for a while since the frame is completely waterproofed.

Occasionally exposure to water is no problem but please be studied to take precautions for the risk of hydroplaning;

Sometimes heavy rain or snow Might cause damage to the bike, especially when the water gets inside the terminal contacts of the battery, mounting track,

Humidity would come a major concern for battery maintenance;


Are your e-bikes certified for safety?

All of our e-bikes are UL safety certified.


—Whats the difference between A2 and A3?

Their appearance is slightly different.

A2 has rear shock absorption, but A3 does not; The motor power of A3(400W) is higher than A2(350W).


—Whats the difference among S3, H3 and M3?

They're all the same in terms of batteries, controllers, motors, and displays;

M3 has bigger fat tire;

S3 and H3 external dimensions are basically the same when unfolded, the difference is that H3 is step-over model, S3 is step-thru(friendly to the people with weak legs).


—What is the difference between different battery capacities in the same model?

The main difference is the mileage range, the more the capacity the more mileage.

On the other hand, the actual mileage range varies depending on the rider's weight, average speed, braking frequency, road conditions, and even ambient temperature.


When you apply the brakes does the rear light come on?

Yes, The rear light comes on when you apply the brakes.


—Do batteries work on different models?

No, but batteries in A2 and A3 are universal, batteries in S3, M3 and H3 are universal, A1 battery only works on A1.


Any questions or need assistance? Please reach the SOHAMO support team at:

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