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A3 Beginner's Guide

Installation Video

Please click on the link to view :


Battery Operation

  1. Before the bike is turned on, you need to connect the plug and twist the key on the battery clockwise twice to the 'On' position for the battery to be energized.
  2. If you need to remove the battery, you need to twist the key counterclockwise twice, and when twisting the key the second time, you need to push the key inward at this time, the locking tongue is completely retracted, and the battery can be removed.


Method of Lifting the Speed Limit

  1. Turn off the bike;
  2. Squeeze any one of the brakes and screw the throttle to the bottom at the same time;
  3. Turn the bike on, don't let go of the brake leverand throttle while turning on the bike for 10-15 seconds;
  4. Reboot again and the speed limit will be lifted.




All our models are waterproof to IP6.

Light rain by itself won't be an issue for a while since the frame is waterproof. Occasional exposure to water is no problem but please be prudent to take precautions for the risk of hydroplaning. Sometimes heavy rain or snow might cause damage to the bike especially when the water gets inside the teminal contacts of the battery mounting tray. Humidity would become a major concern for battery maintenance.


If you have any other questions that you need help with, please feel free to contact us:

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