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How to solve the problem of tail lights not working?

There are usually two situations where the tail lights do not light up when braking:

  1. Poor contact of the brake wire

  • Position the brake cutoff connector, find the screws that fix it on the back of the brake lever, and loosen it with Allen key.

Note: First loosen the red part of the screw, and then loosen the yellow part of the screw.

  • After loosening the screw, pull the brake lines in the left and right directions, then turn on the bike to see if the tail light are on. (The brake power off function was restored to normal only when it is pulled to the proper position.)

Note: After all adjustments, remember to tighten these screws.

  1. Poor contact or damaged tail light wire

Solution: You can first reinsert the tail light line and then press the brake lever to see if the tail light is on. If it still doesn't light up, you need to replace it with a new tail light.

For further assistance, please be sure about the cases listed above and reach the SOHAMO support team at:


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