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Error Code: 001

An ERROR '001' code displayed on the display indicates controller fault.

You can proceed as follows:

Step 1: Turn off the bike and remove the crank arm.

Step 2: Use screwdriver to Unscrew the four screws on the Bottom Bracket . After opening the panel above the Bottom Bracket, you can see the controller.

Step 3: Unplug all connecting cables from the controller frame, including the motor connecting cable, sensor connecting cable, taillight connecting cable, and integrated main cable.

Note: Hold and pull the connecting cables directly on both sides, do not twist or rotate. Improper handling can result in damage to the internal pins.

Step 4:

Re-plug in all the connecting cables on the controller, then turn the bike on and see if the error code is still present.

For further assistance, please be sure about the cases listed above and reach the SOHAMO support team at:

Tags : H3 M3 S3

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